SPEEDFAM CO. LTD, commenced manufacturing operations with the licensed production and sales of single-side lapping and polishing machines for flat surfaces using free abrasive grains. Our Singapore branch was established in 1989. We gradually expanded the scope of our activities to include various other types of production equipment and ultra-precision polishing machines for Semiconductors and Magnetic Disks. Today SPEEDFAM is widely recognized as a leading manufacturer specializing in flat surface lappers, grinders, polishers, cleaners and measuring equipments, with products that are widely used throughout the industrial world.



Since our foundation, SPEEDFAM has been developing technology based on our customer’s needs and requirements: as we see our growth and contribution to society is measured by our customers’ prosperity. As we progress into the future, SPEEDFAM will continue to communicate closely with each customer and will directly examine the needs and requirement of each customer.

SPEEDFAM also emphasizes research and development in order to supply new and innovative products and processes. The aim of SPEEDFAM is to develop state-of-art and reliable technology. In the new millennium, SPEEDFAM will continue on our internationalization effort so as to provide Hi-Tech products to markets worldwide.